A revision is the request for any type of change to a logo or combination of logos we have sent to you so as to provide you 100 percent satisfaction . This may mean, for example, a change of:

  1. Colors
  2. Fonts
  3. Images
  4. Feel or the impression of the logo (formal sense, modern effect, etc).


In terms of revision rounds, what is the advantage of choosing

The important point is, offers you unlimited revision rounds where as some logo firms will offer only a maximum of 1, 2 or 3 revision rounds. Its common sense that its probable that no logo designer in the world can meet your exact requests the first time round. Hence, we work to you are fully happy with your logo.

Moreover, our very attractive price we offer you is fully inclusive of any number of revisions you demand. Compare our low price and see how some logo firms offer limited revisions.


Why are logo revisions important?

Revisions to your logo are fundamental to you obtaining the exact logo for your business’ long term success. The important of a good logo that represents your company is firmly placed in business theory.  You must choose a logo company that allows you to request unlimited revisions. This acts as a guarantee you will get the logo you have in mind.

If you read our article produced on what makes a good logo? then you will acknowledge that many factors underscore a good logo design and this means that revisions will most likely be needed.

TESTED                  16-January