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Akiva Hunter
Managing Director, Avision capital management, LLC
The way you provide improvements over improvements is just amazing-and for free! The result is worth much more than the package price. 25pound logo is an excellent company. I don’t know how you do it, but keep it up. Anyone would be happy with such a great service.

Thanks and way to go!
Akiva Hunter
Timothy Sykes
Owner, Bullship Press
I know that a logo is something that plays a major role in the success of any business. A good logo can help the company stamp its presence in the market with its identity. I got a pretty good logo from you guys. I would recommend you to any small business that needs an inexpensive and high quality logo.

Thank you for the great logo,
Tim S.
Christopher Murray
Chrisopher Murray Personal Training
The color combination of my logo has given me a new set of corporate colors for my company and now I know that every color can make a different, but significant impact. What I got is more than just a logo. I got an original corporate identity for my organization.

Well done Folks,
Allen Nells
Owner, Color your herd Alpacas
We wanted you to know what wonderful remarks we have received for our logo since revamping it through you. We have recommended many people to your service and rightly so. We have a new feel for our business and we just wanted to say thanks for your effort.

Allen Nells
Bill Stacey
Owner, Conway prowash
All I can say is WOW!. Your service is perfect. There is no hassle, no wait, no hidden fees and it’s so cheap. If there is one thing I value in a business, it is being effective and simplistic. You have done a great job and anyone who turns down this service is a moron.


TESTED                  16-January